CrossFit 2311 | Waynesville NC


Why I care

Ever since I can remember I was interested in the human body. I set out to be a medical doctor out of high school.  I decided to major in Exercise and Sports Science while at the University of Florida after seeing the movie American Flyers.  There were several scenes in the movie set in a university human performance lab and I was instantly hooked.  Exercise Physiology remains my favorite college course.  With that major, I found athletic tra

Me and My Coach

  I was a jerk. I screwed up.  I embarrassed myself. I embarrassed my coach.  I undermined her authority.  I fractured our relationship. I let my ego take over. And I know better. To make matters worse.  My coach is also my wife. And this morning I am a CrossFit cliché.  I pushed myself with improper form and now my back hurts.  I’m not injured.  But I could have been.   Ego means a lot of things to a lot of

S Gold

I was fortunate to find 2311 when I moved to Waynesville! My biggest struggle(s) were/are mobility in my squat and front rack position.  Prior to finding weightlifting/strength training, I really struggled to get my body composition to a place where I felt good. I’ve been training Olympic and powerlifting movements for the last year and a half and can tell that I have a lot more lean muscle and strength, and a lower percentage of body fat.”

Carolyn Franklin

Before finding SpinalFit at CrossFit 2311 / Effort Effect I really struggled with my stamina.  And I was frustrated not having the energy to do the things that I needed / wanted to do.  This made me very unhappy and frustrated.  I had very little energy and my self esteem suffered as well.  SpinalFit has given me improved flexibility, strength, and the motivation to better myself. It has given me purpose

Karalee Corbeil

One of my biggest struggles was finding the motivation to actually go to the gym. I really don’t like going to the gym alone, and all the massive guys really intimidate me. At CrossFit 2311, everyone was so nice and I didn’t feel intimidated! One of my biggest frustrations was being unsatisfied with how my body looked/ felt and wanting to get into a healthy and active life style but not really knowing how. I honestly didn’t feel like the

Abbie Wilkins

Before finding CrossFit 2311, we had recently moved to the area, I’d just had my second child, and I was at a loss for what to do physically. I was bored with the gym and finding it hard to motivate myself to 1) just make it there and 2) to have to plan my workout every time I went, keeping track of my workouts, spending 45 minutes doing cardio before lifting weights, and seeing minimal results.  I felt stagnant in my workouts and as though I

Ian Meeks

Before joining CrossFit 2311, I struggled often with trying to push myself too much to do Rx weights and movements.  I couldn't accept that things take time for some bodies to learn.  I have worked out with CrossFit for over 5 years now and stressed thinking I had peaked. The coaches at CrossFit 2311 helped me improve my form, technique, and become more stable in the gym.  I learned that it's the workout that's more important and that my co

What type of person joins a CrossFit gym?

What type of person joins a CrossFit gym?  Why do they stay with CrossFit year after year? Are they young, fit, athletic people?  Are they former athletes trying to relive the glory years?   The truth is there is no one type of person that joins a CrossFit gym.   CrossFit gyms are unique fitness facilities that attract people for a variety of reasons.  Sure, everyone wants to be in better shape.  People want to be hea

7 reason why lifting weights after 50 is critical

7 reason why lifting weights after 50 is critical Most people think building muscles is for the beach, but the benefits are far more significant and diverse than looking good in a bathing suit. An increase in muscle cross-section means more force development. At the same time increases in tendon density, cross-section, and stiffness occur. Simply put, you’re stronger and can do more. Muscle tissue is dense in Mitochondria.

Why Coaching Matters

Everyone has tried to do something about their health and fitness. Everyone has at the very least thought about making a change, whether it is activity, nutrition, sleep, or lifestyle. And these changes are attempted with the best of intentions. Continuing in the process of change, however, requires much more than the best of intentions. A process requires a long-term commitment and a willingness to continue regardless of motivation levels.

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