CrossFit 2311 | Waynesville NC

Client stories

Chris Amsler

I came to CrossFit 2311 because I just wanted to feel better and lose a little weight. After I finished retired from the Navy all I did was walk, and roam around the rec center avoiding most of what looked like hard work! My first impression of CrossFit 2311 was that it was very intimidating, but it really isn't. Biggest accomplishment is progressing in Toes-to-Bar. I saw people doing this 3 months ago and thought, that'll never happen. No

Sam Sinyard

I found CrossFit 2311 in June of 2013. I was always into some sort of fitness such as triathlons, competitive swimming, high school basketball and recreational weightlifting. I heard that a CrossFit gym was going to open in the area and figured I would give it a shot. I jumped into it the very first day the gym doors opened. I'll be honest and say I really didn't like it at first. Not for any bad reasons, I just didn't like being pulled out o

Nathan Trout

I was interested in CrossFit because I wanted to get back to lifting weights more seriously and training more like an athlete than what I had been doing. I thought the structure and atmosphere of CrossFit would help me get back to this. Before joining CrossFit 2311 I worked out at the fitness center doing general cardio and lifting - a lot of interval training. My first impression of CrossFit 2311 was that it had a good atmosphere, supportive

Cameron Green

I had lost the motivation I once had to workout. I wasn’t looking forward to going to the gym like I had before because it felt like I was doing the same exercise routines over and over again. I knew something had to change because I wasn’t getting stronger (because I wasn’t pushing myself) and became inconsistent on how frequently I worked out. I became stagnant and wanted a change. So I decided to try CrossFit. My first impression of C

Grant Hower

Before coming to CrossFit 2311 I used to work out in a fitness center doing basic weight lifting routines. I got too tired of doing the same movements everytime I hit the gym so Crossfit appealed to me. It is easier to stay motivated when you rarely do the same workout twice. My first impression of CrossFit in general was that it was unlike any workout routine I had tried before. My first impression of 2311 was that it was a clean kept facilit

Rylee Yarrington

I was a competitive gymnast for over a decade, and when I decided to retire from the sport that consumed my time for most of my life, I needed an alternative form of exercise. I decided that CrossFit would 'fill the void' that gymnastics had left behind. My first impression was that CrossFit had a very similar atmosphere that I had felt back at my gym, so I felt right at home. I could feel the camaraderie that everyone held for one another and

Alexis Willey

I joined CrossFit 2311 because I wanted to be active again and get back into shape. I knew several people from work who were going to CrossFit 2311, and they all raved about it. I was also reassured to know that the owner (Dr.Eric Yarrington) was a local Physical Therapist, which definitely eased some concerns about possible injury. The gym gave me a great first impression. I was comfortably eased into the CrossFit environment with a month of O

Nancy East

Strong is the New Skinny I'm reading a great book to my kids right now called Navigating Early. The protagonist is a 13-year-old boy whose mother has recently died. He laments the fact that he has forgotten what her voice sounded like. You empathize with others who have experienced the loss of their mother, whether fictional or real, and I found myself barely able to finish the page without my voice wobbling, saddened that he had lost this

Abbie Wilkins

What brought you to CrossFit? There were several reasons I started at CF2311. First of all, my husband and I had recently moved to Waynesville and had our second child around the same time, and I desperately needed a kick start back into fitness. I had always been active, but moving to a new place and not knowing anyone, I needed a jump start. My husband had heard of CF2311 through a friend of his at work and he decided to start On-Ramp. I h

Tom Mallette

What brought you to CrossFit? I have always tried to stay in shape either by mountain biking, hiking, etc. I was doing Insanity before Crossfit opened and was looking for another challenge. A dear friend from Grad School started a Crossfit in Detroit several years ago so I was aware and intrigued of the concept. What was your first impression? How has that changed? I have never liked lifting weights so I guess I was intimidated at first.

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