CrossFit 2311 | Waynesville NC

Client stories

S Gold

I was fortunate to find 2311 when I moved to Waynesville! My biggest struggle(s) were/are mobility in my squat and front rack position.  Prior to finding weightlifting/strength training, I really struggled to get my body composition to a place where I felt good. I’ve been training Olympic and powerlifting movements for the last year and a half and can tell that I have a lot more lean muscle and strength, and a lower percentage of body fat.”

Carolyn Franklin

Before finding SpinalFit at CrossFit 2311 / Effort Effect I really struggled with my stamina.  And I was frustrated not having the energy to do the things that I needed / wanted to do.  This made me very unhappy and frustrated.  I had very little energy and my self esteem suffered as well.  SpinalFit has given me improved flexibility, strength, and the motivation to better myself. It has given me purpose

Karalee Corbeil

One of my biggest struggles was finding the motivation to actually go to the gym. I really don’t like going to the gym alone, and all the massive guys really intimidate me. At CrossFit 2311, everyone was so nice and I didn’t feel intimidated! One of my biggest frustrations was being unsatisfied with how my body looked/ felt and wanting to get into a healthy and active life style but not really knowing how. I honestly didn’t feel like the

Abbie Wilkins

Before finding CrossFit 2311, we had recently moved to the area, I’d just had my second child, and I was at a loss for what to do physically. I was bored with the gym and finding it hard to motivate myself to 1) just make it there and 2) to have to plan my workout every time I went, keeping track of my workouts, spending 45 minutes doing cardio before lifting weights, and seeing minimal results.  I felt stagnant in my workouts and as though I

Ian Meeks

Before joining CrossFit 2311, I struggled often with trying to push myself too much to do Rx weights and movements.  I couldn't accept that things take time for some bodies to learn.  I have worked out with CrossFit for over 5 years now and stressed thinking I had peaked. The coaches at CrossFit 2311 helped me improve my form, technique, and become more stable in the gym.  I learned that it's the workout that's more important and that my co

Chris Amsler

I came to CrossFit 2311 because I just wanted to feel better and lose a little weight. After I finished retired from the Navy all I did was walk, and roam around the rec center avoiding most of what looked like hard work! My first impression of CrossFit 2311 was that it was very intimidating, but it really isn't. Biggest accomplishment is progressing in Toes-to-Bar. I saw people doing this 3 months ago and thought, that'll never happen. No

Sam Sinyard

I found CrossFit 2311 in June of 2013. I was always into some sort of fitness such as triathlons, competitive swimming, high school basketball and recreational weightlifting. I heard that a CrossFit gym was going to open in the area and figured I would give it a shot. I jumped into it the very first day the gym doors opened. I'll be honest and say I really didn't like it at first. Not for any bad reasons, I just didn't like being pulled out o

Nathan Trout

I was interested in CrossFit because I wanted to get back to lifting weights more seriously and training more like an athlete than what I had been doing. I thought the structure and atmosphere of CrossFit would help me get back to this. Before joining CrossFit 2311 I worked out at the fitness center doing general cardio and lifting - a lot of interval training. My first impression of CrossFit 2311 was that it had a good atmosphere, supportive

Cameron Green

I had lost the motivation I once had to workout. I wasn’t looking forward to going to the gym like I had before because it felt like I was doing the same exercise routines over and over again. I knew something had to change because I wasn’t getting stronger (because I wasn’t pushing myself) and became inconsistent on how frequently I worked out. I became stagnant and wanted a change. So I decided to try CrossFit. My first impression of C

Grant Hower

Before coming to CrossFit 2311 I used to work out in a fitness center doing basic weight lifting routines. I got too tired of doing the same movements everytime I hit the gym so Crossfit appealed to me. It is easier to stay motivated when you rarely do the same workout twice. My first impression of CrossFit in general was that it was unlike any workout routine I had tried before. My first impression of 2311 was that it was a clean kept facilit

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