CrossFit 2311 | Waynesville NC

Client stories

Elizabeth McLeod

What brought you to CrossFit- I originally started coming to our Box because a friend wanted me to go with them as support.. :) She had never done any sort of lifting before, and I did have some experience with lifting, but wanted to see what all the hype was about. I was doing the same ole, same ole gym routine and wasn't getting the results I wanted (mainly because I was SOOO unmotivated and I could talk myself out of doing what I needed to

Chuck Wilkins

1. What bought you to CrossFit 2311? Friends elsewhere talking about how great Crossfit is. Finally after two years of not exercising, made a commitment to myself to get back in shape. So decided to try Crossfit. I knew Sage at the time (April 2014) and he encouraged me to come to Crossfit 2311. And I am SO thankful for that! 2. What was your first impression? How has that changed? First impression was this is EXACTLY what I am looking for

Carlyle Schomberg

1. What brought you to CrossFit? I knew several folks coming and it looked like fun! 2. What was your first impression? How has that changed? Intense, technical, hard!! It hasn't!!! 3. What are you working on now? Need to improve technique, especailly Olympic lifts, and mobility. 4. What was your greatest achievement? Completing Murph......although it took 61 minutes!!! 5. What’s your favorite CrossFit 2311 memory? Any of the tribute WO

Joe Davis

After some major convincing, another member, Carlyle Schomberg got me to come to my first On Ramp. As a former student athlete, I heard my strength coaches voice their negative opinions about CrossFit for 4 years, not to mention the publicized injuries from the workouts. Needless to say I was extremely hesitant. Thank goodness Carlyle was persuasive. My first impression was basically love at first sight. The majority of the movements were alr

Ricky Lanning

I had previously lost about 70+ pounds through changes in diet and I wanted to change my focus to strength and agility training. I really was drawn to CrossFit because of the variety of workouts and the opportunity of having coaching. My first impression was that you probably should already be in good shape before walking through door, but that went away immediately after starting OnRamp. All exercises are able to be modified as you start ou

Keisha Messer

I came to CrossFit because my aunt and uncle were doing it and it sounded like a cool idea. When I walked through the door for the first time I was about to walk right back out. The thoughts going through my head ranged from "What in the crap are these people doing" to "Okay I'll never be able to do this". I was very intimidated to say the least. As time went on I became less and less intimidated and more and more comfortable. I realized th

Josh Lile

After redeploying from Afghanistan in February 2014 I was in Columbus GA. I had to struggle through a lot of issues ranging from PTSD to physical problems. I was not doing well;  I was always depressed or not feeling well. I figured it was the environment I was in so I decided to move to Lake Junaluska, NC and help my grandmother.  Perhaps a change of environment would help me cope with my own issues. I’ve always been a huge Cross

Donna Henson

I came to CrossFit at the suggestion of my friend Rebecca Mashburn. I was tired all the time and just had no desire or energy to do anything except work and go home. After several weeks of hearing how much Rebecca loved it, and noticing how her physique was changing, I decided to give CrossFit a try.My first impression was that I may not be able to do it! At the same time, I was surprised at the friendliness and support of the tribe and the coach

Carol Peterson

1. What brought you to CrossFit? The encouragement of my oldest child and the curiosity and desire to see if I could make changes to my body by challenging myself are what brought me to CrossFit2311.   2. What was your first impression and how has that changed? During OnRamp, I was amazed at the members who were participating in the “real” WOD, and truly wondered if I would be able to do enough during a WOD to make(see) a dif

Jeanne Dulworth

  I had been interested in CrossFit for about two years before I walked through the door.  I had a family member tell me that he gets sick and almost passes out during the workouts.  I should have never listened to him.  I was a competitive swimmer and dancer when I was younger so I have always enjoyed pushing myself.  A good friend told me that anyone can do CrossFit and that I should give it a try.  I am so happy

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