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Time is generally the one thing we all wish we had more of and it is usually the one thing we use as an excuse for not doing X, Y, or Z. “I just don’t have time to exercise”.  I’m too busy to get together”.  “I’d love to help but I just don’t have the time.”  Unfortunately, spending time on things that improve our lives generally fall by the wayside; physical health, spiritual health, mental health, and relationships. W

Emotions.  Stoicism.  Discipline.  Freedom.

I belong to a fantastic business mentorship group made up of gym owners.  We share a ton of information and it has become an invaluable Think Tank for me, both personally and professionally. We all LOVE to read.  And we read A LOT.  So of course we recommend great books to one another.  More often than not, they are books about improving yourself, serving others, and being a better human being.

Be Your Own Superhero

Find your WHY You’re not sure what to do. Every day you tell yourself that today will be different. That you won’t hit “snooze” and instead get up and exercise. Or, on your way home from work that you won’t drive past the gym this time. Your spouse is tired of hounding you to do something about your health. “If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids

Visualization Leads to Actualization

Visualization, done right, can be extremely powerful in achieving any goal.  As you think about your goals for the New Year, take into consideration the following… Using your intellectual factor of imagination see yourself already in possession of your goal.  Picture yourself with the healthy and fit body you desire, and literally feel what it is like to have it.  You cannot achieve anything in your “outer world” until you first see

Think and Succeed

Think and Succeed Ever since Napoleon Hill wrote his groundbreaking book, Think and Grow Rich, successful people have been using mastermind groups to up-level their accomplishments and create opportunities for themselves and for others as well. Perhaps you have heard of mastermind groups but are not sure what they are and how you could benefit from them. What is a mastermind? I

What’s Your Time Worth?

"I don't have time" and "I'm too busy" are two of the top reasons why people have a tough time committing to a gym membership. However, research shows that exercise improves mood, sleep, health, weight control and increases energy levels, so why does it get put on the back burner when life gets hectic? When stress levels are on the rise, we should be prioritizing the one activity that can help us manage that stress in a healthy way. Now, co

Why I care

Ever since I can remember I was interested in the human body. I set out to be a medical doctor out of high school.  I decided to major in Exercise and Sports Science while at the University of Florida after seeing the movie American Flyers.  There were several scenes in the movie set in a university human performance lab and I was instantly hooked.  Exercise Physiology remains my favorite college course.  With that major, I found athletic tra

Me and My Coach

  I was a jerk. I screwed up.  I embarrassed myself. I embarrassed my coach.  I undermined her authority.  I fractured our relationship. I let my ego take over. And I know better. To make matters worse.  My coach is also my wife. And this morning I am a CrossFit cliché.  I pushed myself with improper form and now my back hurts.  I’m not injured.  But I could have been.   Ego means a lot of things to a lot of

New Year. New You.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably setting a few resolutions for 2017. The top resolutions most people set: Lose weight Feel better about myself Make more money The problem isn’t with the act of resolving. The problem is the downward spiral of: Resolution Big Effort Small Setback Delay Failure Self-loathing. I see it EVERY DAY. People spend year after year in this vicious cycle. I did, too. He

Why Should I Do CrossFit?

Should I try CrossFit?   Are you bored at the gym, just running the lake, doing home exercise videos?   Are you tired of the same old routine? Are you still not getting the results you’re looking for despite your best efforts? If you answered yes to at least two of those questions, then maybe it’s time you joined the fastest-growing strength-and-conditioning-training trend known as CrossFit.  The 2016 CrossF