Rucking Schedule
(meet at CrossFit 2311)
This schedule is subject to change.  If you are not a CrossFit 2311 member, you are welcome to attend any of the rucks and WODs below, but please email Eric at to confirm.
1/2 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
1/3 6:30pm Ruck WOD
1/6 8:30am 5 mile ruck
1/9 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
1/10 6:30pm Ruck WOD
1/13 8:30am 5 mile ruck
1/16 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
1/17 6:30pm Ruck WOD
1/20 8:30am 6 mile ruck
1/23 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
1/24 6:30pm Ruck WOD
1/27 8:30am 6 mile ruck
1/30 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
1/31 6:30pm Ruck WOD
2/3 8:30am 6 mile ruck
2/6 5:30pm 4 mile ruck
2/7 6:30pm Ruck WOD
2/10 8:30am 6 mile ruck
2/6 5:30pm 4 mile ruck
2/13 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
2/14 6:30pm Ruck WOD
2/17 8:30am 5 mile ruck
2/20 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
2/21 6:30pm Ruck WOD
2/24 8:30am 5 mile ruck
2/27 5:30pm 4 mile ruck
2/28 6:30pm Ruck WOD
3/1 7:00pm 12 mile ruck
3/3 8:30am 6 mile ruck
3/6 5:30pm 4 mile ruck
3/7 6:30pm Ruck WOD
3/10 7:30am 10 mile ruck
3/13 5:30pm 3 mile ruck
3/15 GORUCK TOUGH – GREENVILLE!  Register here

GORUCK & Rucking Glossary

This post is probably years overdue but better late than never. The following are words that are used in the rucking and GORUCK community that could use some explaining to an outsider. Did we miss anything? Post in the comments and we’ll get it added as we continue to expand the list.

A B2B is back-to-back GORUCK Tough events. It is important to note that both of the letters are capitalized. In “the old days” when GORUCK only offered their Challenge (aka Tough) people would complete one on Friday night and a second on the following Saturday night. That was known as completing a B2B. GORUCK has recently brought back multiple challenges on the same weekend so it is possible to complete a B2B again.
A B2b is back-to-back GORUCK events with the first being a Tough and the second being a Light. It’s important to note that the first b is capitalized and the second is lowercase. When GORUCK brought the Light event into the picture they started offering Toughs on Fridays nights and Lights on Saturday during the day. People who completed both of those events had completed a B2b.
Blue Falcon
A blue falcon is someone who goes out of their way (sometimes intentionally) to throw their team under the bus or screw them over. In most cases a blue falcon is someone who brings extra weight to an event without thinking about their team first.
Coupons are bonus weight that get picked up throughout an event. A coupon may be a spare log, a bag of rocks, a chair, or something else. Coupons = extra good livin’ = extra weight.
The shorthand way to spell GORUCK.
Originally the GRC stood for the GORUCK Challenge which was GORUCK’s first style of event. The term GRC has changed to now stand for GORUCK’s offering of “GORUCK Challenges” which are the GORUCK Light, GORUCK Tough, and GORUCK Heavy. Depending on the context GRC could stand for the GORUCK Tough event or one of the three Challenge events that GORUCK offers.
GRH stands for GORUCK Heavy and is the most difficult of the GORUCK Challenge events. The GORUCK Heavy event lasts more than 24 hours and travels a distance greater than 40 miles.
GRL stands for GORUCK Light and is the easiest of the GORUCK Challenge events. It lasts between 4 and 5 hours and has a distance between 7 and 10 hours.
GRT (Event)
GRT stands for GORUCK Tough and is GORUCK’s original event. Originally, the event was called the GORUCK Challenge however during a re-branding process GORUCK changed the name of the event to the GORUCK Tough.
GRT (Person)
GRT stands for GORUCK Tough. A GRT is someone who has completed a GORUCK Challenge (Light, Tough, or Heavy) event. If you have completed a GORUCK Challenge event then you are a GRT… simple as that. Sidebar: When the GORUCK Light event was introduced there was a lot of bickering on whether someone who completed a GRL (GORUCK Light) was considered a GRT.
The HH (aka the Double H) is back-to-back GORUCK Heavy events. Generally there is a very special patch received for completing both of these events in a row.
The HHH (aka the Triple H) is back-to-back-to-back GORUCK Heavy events. Generally there is a very special patch received for completing all three of these events in a row.
When someone refers to HQ they are generally referring to the GORUCK Headquarters.
The HTL event (formerly called HCL) is a GORUCK Heavy followed by a GORUCK Tough (formerly called the Challenge) and finished up with a GORUCK Light. Generally the Heavy runs from a Thursday to Friday, the Challenge runs from Friday to Saturday, and the Light occurs on Saturday. HTL stands for Heavy/Tough/Light and was known as the HCL (Heavy/Challenge/Light) when the Tough was known as the Challenge.
The HZL is just like the HTL except that you take a nap in the middle instead of showing up to the Tough.
Ruck (noun)
A ruck is another name for backpack. It’s what you use to carry your weight when rucking.
Ruck (verb)
To ruck (or rucking) is when you carry weight in your pack while walking, generally at a brisk pace. Rucking is what you do at events.
SHPlates is the original manufacturer of Ruck Plates.
Tigerstripe Tuesday
Every Tuesday in the GORUCK Tough group people post tigerstripe pictures attempting to get GORUCK to create a line of tigerstripe gear. It will happen.
Wednesday is the day that the GORUCK Tough group loses its mind. You need to second guess everything you read there that was posted on a Wednesday. If a post is described as “Wednesday” or “Wednesday material” then it’s probably not believing or troll-related.