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Why is a CrossFit 2311 membership different than a membership at a traditional gym?

At CrossFit 2311:

  • You are not simply paying for access to equipment, like a traditional gym / health and fitness center.
  • We are members of the CrossFit Affiliate community that is dedicated to bringing the most current research and training methods to improve true fitness.
  • You will get daily, Professional Coachng (to develop skills across multiple fitness disciplines, working to gain proficiency in a wide variety of functional movements).
  • You will become a member of a positive community (charity events, social functions like-minded people out to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others).
  • You will see RESULTS and reach YOUR goals because our programming WORKS.
  • We constantly vary our workouts. This keeps workouts diverse and fun while always expanding our members fitness/strength knowledge and skills.
  • We don’t use membership contracts that trap you into a binding agreement. Our program works and we are confident you will be satisfied with your experience at CrossFit 2311.
  • We offer personal training, nutrition programming, personal training, programs for older adults and children, and prescription in corrective movements to address mobility limitations, and you will be progressed in a safe manner based on YOUR physical and psychological tolerance.
  • CrossFit is used by the military, by law enforcement professionals, and scores of professional athletes because of the results that years of research and development brings to physical performance.
  • Our Foundations: Fundamental human movements, safety before intensity, strength and support in numbers, friends and family, total fitness vs. absence of disease, general physical preparedness, self-reliance, self-confidence, scalable workouts for all levels while maintaining intensity and success, and detailed coaching.