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CrossFit 2311 was born out of our desire to build something together, as a family, that would reflect our values and fit with our commitment to serving others.

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CrossFit is a real world, functional fitness program that is able to humble the world's best athletes while also remaining universally scalable to facilitate development at all ability levels.

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Workout of the Day 12.8.16

Warm Up
10:00 Dynamic Warm Up
5:00 Foam Rolling

Strength / Skill
Pick One Gymnastics Skill and Superset it with one non-gymnastics skills.
Spend 10:00 working on these going back and fourth between the two. Keep sets small to ensure good movement patterns.

18 KBS (53, 35)
18 Goblet Squat (53, 35)
200m Run
L3: (45, 25)
L2: (35, 20)
L1: (30, 16)

5:00 Group Foam Rolling. Prioriotize hamstrings, IT Bands, Quads, Lats.